PAMM - Publications of the Proceedings of the Annual Meetings of GAMM

Together with the Wiley-VCH publishing company and the GAMM the Proceedings are published as an electronic journal, "Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics" PAMM. GAMM members receive free electronic access to the conference contributions. These are retrievable as a part of Wiley InterScience worldwide on the internet.

Besides, the electronic download offers some advantages. Thus, articles are searchable, for example, after keywords.

About Wiley InterScience, you have the possibility to search all magazines electronically appearing with Wiley for interesting articles and to read abstracts without being a subscriber of the journal or having other additional payments. Subscribers can read the jounals of course also online in full text. Among these journals are except the PAMM, for example, the Mathematical News, the Mathematical Logic Quarterly or the Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics.

There originates thus a small mathematical archive which is searchable according to the different criteria and does not load the desk, nevertheless, in addition with paper.

On the articles of the PAMM, all GAMM members have of course full access. They are available as a part of your membership electronically.

To ensure a wide general public to the journal of GAMM, the publishing company transmits savings by the electronic publication also to the institutional subscribers and lowered from 2002 the subscription rates for libraries.

The reorganisation of the Proceedings offers beside the quicker publication and the free access for all GAMM members a huge number of new possibilities. It is a real step in the future.