Committee for elections
term of office from 2020 till 2022

H. Faßbender, Braunschweig (chair due to office vice president)
B. Kaltenbacher, Klagenfurt
S. Leyendecker, Erlangen
H. Abels, Regensburg
R. Seifried, Hamburg

Selection Committee for GAMM Junior Fellows
term of office from 2020 till 2022

J. Schröder, Essen (president)
B. Kaltenbacher, Klagenfurt
U. Nackenhorst, Hannover
C. Egbers, Cottbus

Members of the "Richard-von-Mises" Prize Committee

The president of GAMM chairs the Richard-von-Mises Prize Committee, which comprises the following members:

B.Jacob, Wuppertal 2017-2022
R. Lammering, Hamburg 2016-2021
C. Wieners, Karlsruhe 2017-2022
M. Oberlack, Darmstadt 2019-2024
J. Schröder, Essen (President) 2020-2022

Commitee "Future of GAMM"

H. Faßbender, Braunschweig (chair due to office) 2020-2022
F. Bertrand, Essen 2020-2022
P. Junker, Bochum 2021-2023
C. Schillings, Mannheim 2021-2023
T. Ricken, Stuttgart 2020-2022
Speaker for the GAMM Juniors  

Committee for "Dr.-Klaus-Körper-Stiftung" (2021-2023)

A. Walther, Paderborn (chair due to office tresurer)
S. Leyendecker, Erlangen
S. Hartmann, Clausthal
R. Seifried, Hamburg

Committee for Equality (2021-2023)

Tasks of the Committee for Equality:
Preparation of proposals to achieve the gender equality objectives:

- Increase of the percentage of women among GAMM members.
- Increase of the visibility of female role models in mathematics and in particular in mechanics.
- Launch of a general discussion on the improvement of the basic conditions of women scientists in these areas.

J. Eisenträger, Magdeburg
B. Kaltenbacher, Klagenfurt
R. Seifried, Hamburg

The email list "women-in-gamm" has been set-up in cooperation with the Committee for Equality. It addresses all female members of GAMM and aims at improving the exchange among female scientists in GAMM. Therefore, one can not only share information about scientific events or job offers, but also announce specific events/workshops for female scientist working in the fields of applied mathematics and mechanics.

In order to send announcements of events/job offers or other valuable news for women in GAMM to all subscribers of the mailing list, please send an email to the address

To subscribe to the email list, please send an email without text with the subject ''SUBSCRIBE women-in-gamm''