GAMM Board Election - Results

Election 2020

The voting were only submitted electronically this year from 12.02.-11.03.2020 and from 16.03.-23.03.2020.
All members of GAMM received a personal invitation. Authorized to vote are individual members of the GAMM as well as named delegates of corporate members.

During the board elections 2020, 426 members participated.
the results of voting was achieved:

Position Candidat valid votes abstentions from the vote
Board Members
Andrea Walther, Berlin
399 27
Board Members
Michael Kaliske, Dresden
393 33
Managing board
fluid mechanics
Olga Shishkina, Göttingen
new election
352 74
Managing board
applied functional analysis
Benjamin Stamm, Aachen
new election
362 64
Managing board
solid mechanics
Kerstin Weinberg, Siegen
new election
371 55


Members of the election committee for the board election 2020

  • Chairman:
    Heike Faßbender, Braunschweig, Vice-President
  • Elected Members:
    B. Kaltenbacher, Klagenfurt
    S. Leyendecker, Erlangen
    H. Abels, Regensburg
    R. Seifried, Hamburg

Note :

According to the statute, the term of office ends at December 31, 2020 of the year of the meeting.
The term of office with respect to the result of the online election begins at January 01, 2021.