GAMM Board Election - Results

Election 2018

The voting on the board took place either by ballot box election at the general assembly of the International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics in Munich on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 or by electronic voting. All members of GAMM received a personal invitation. Authorized to vote are individual members of the GAMM as well as named delegates of corporate members.

During the board elections 2018, 281 members participated.
the results of voting was achieved:

Position Candidat valid votes abstentions from the vote
Managing board
applied analysis and numerical simulation
Roland Herzog, Chemnitz
new election
262 19
Managing board
solid mechanics
Tim Ricken, Stuttgart
new election
243 38
Managing board
dynamic and control theory
Robert Seifreid, Hamburg
255 26


Members of the election committee for the board election 2018

  • Chairman:
    Wolfgang Ehlers, Stuttgart, Vice-President
  • Elected Members:
    L. Grüne, Bayreuth
    F. Gruttmann, Darmstadt
    U. Langer, Linz
    P. Steinmann, Erlangen

Note :

According to the statute, the term of office ends at December 31, 2018 of the year of the meeting. The term of office with respect to the election in Munich begins at January 01, 2019.