For its Annual Meeting 2019 in Vienna, February 18 - 22, GAMM is arranging a Competition for Submission of Young Researchers' Minisymposia

Like classical minisymposia, a young researchers' minisymposium shall focus on a specific, timely research subject. It will last two hours with four to six lectures. Two organisers from two different institutions apply for a young researchers' minisymposium. Like all other speakers, they should be at most 35 years old and not yet hold a tenured professor position. The speakers should also come from different institutions.
From the applications received, the programme committee will select the young researchers' minisymposia. There is no financial support for the participants.


until December 31, 2017
Submission of proposals by e-mail (plain ASCII) to the GAMM office

A proposal consists of a one page abstract, the titles of all lectures and information about the date of birth and the current position and affiliation of all organisers and speakers.

February 18 - 22, 2019

Realization the chosen minisymposia.