Managing Board Elections

Call of the President asking for nominations for the Managing Board elections 2020


Nominations can be sent to the GAMM office via e-mail to
Nominations can be submitted by personal members of GAMM as well as corporate members.
The following offices of GAMM Managing Board are to be elected in 2020. The terms of office will start on 01.01.2021. Goal of GAMM is to ensure that the two disciplines of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics are equally represented among the members of the Managing Board. In addition, an appropriate gender distribution is aimed at.

Board Members

Prof. M. Kaliske (Secretary), Desden, solid mechanics, term until 2020, eligible
Prof. A. Walther (Treasurer), Berlin, Mathematics, term until 2020, eligible

Board of Directors

Prof. G. Brenn, Graz, Fluid Mechanics, 2nd term until 2020, not eligible
Prof. G. Kutyniok, Berlin, Applied Functional Analysis, 2nd term until 2020, not eligible
Prof. U. Nackenhorst, Hannover, Solid Mechanics, 2nd term until 2020, not eligible

The regulations of the elections require a quorum, where the President needs to be supported by letter of at least 25 members, the Vice-Secretary of at least 10 members and the other members of the Managing Board of at least 5 members. Nominations and declarations of support, including those for re-election, must reach the GAMM office not later than eight weeks before the General Assembly, until 22.01.2020.

Elections of Managing Board 2020

Voting for the election of the Managing Board takes place either by ballot at the General Assembly of the International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics in Kassel on Wednesday, 18.03.2020, or by electronic ballot. As a member of GAMM, you will receive a separate invitation. Personal members of GAMM as well as nominated delegates of the corporate members are entitled to vote.

I ask you personally to attend the General Assembly in Vienna and to participate in the elections. Electronic voting is possible from 12.02.2020 to 11.03.2020 on the website of GAMM.

Jörg Schröder, President


Members of the Electoral Commission of the GAMM Board election 2020

Chair: H. Faßbender, Braunschweig, Vice-President
Elected Members: L. Grüne, Bayreuth
  F. Gruttmann, Darmstadt
  U. Langer, Linz
  P. Steinmann, Erlangen