for the four best dissertation theses of 2020 in the fields of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics


The GAMM (International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics) is pleased to announce the call for nominations for the “Dr.-Klaus-Körper Prize” to honour young scientists who have finished in this year an excellent dissertation in the field of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics.

The Goal of the Award (according to the purpose of the Dr.-Körper foundation) is to highlight out-standing achievements of four young scientists up to the age of 35 years at the start of their scientific careers. Deviations from this time frame as a consequence of inactive periods due to sickness or maternity leaves will be taken into account. The GAMM aims at a well-balanced representation of the two fields Applied Mathematics and Mechanics as well as at a well-balanced gender distribution.

The Award includes a certificate, a bienniel free membership in the GAMM e. V. and a donation of 250 Euro.

Nomination: Every person who has finished her/ his dissertation within the GAMM’s fields of interest can be nominated. Nominations can be made by GAMM members only. A self nomination is not possible.

The Nomination Deadline is the 15th of January 2021. All nominations should be submitted to the GAMM office (gamm@mailbox.tu-dresden.de).
Nominations must contain a copy of the dissertation in English or German as PDF file and a letter by the nominating person describing the quality of the dissertation. Furthermore, a Curriculum Vitæ of the candidate is mandatory.

Award Decision: The GAMM Executive Board will select four awardees and communicate the decision within the first quarter of next year. Hereafter, the awardees will receive their Prize by mail and will be named on the GAMM homepage.